Land as a Source of Investment Through Mortgages

With us in today’s episode is Advocate Victor Mwakimi, the Founding and Managing Partner of Lyson Law Group. Victor has nearly 10 years of experience in legal practice specializing in Banking and Finance, Litigation and Conveyancing. Advocate Mwakimi gained his experience and passion for litigation and drafting of legal instruments while working for Trustworth Attorneys and later Gabriel & Co, where he was in charge of preparing and perfection of mortgages and other securities as Head of the Firm’s Banking and Finance Practice. He is a well-rounded Corporate Attorney who is admired by his clients and colleagues alike for his dedication to service, delivery and etiquette.


In this episode he will be deliberating on laws governing mortgages and matters that a title holder needs to put in consideration before going into this avenue.

Hosted by Emmanuel Gashi Bakilana and Privaty Rugambwa;


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