Do’s and Don’ts on Acquisition of Land In Tanzania: Part One

Today we are discussing the Dos & Donts on Acquisition of Land In Tanzania, Acquisition of Land in Tanzania is a verse subject and one of the most challenging transactions as it requires individuals or organisations to visit various government offices to make sure this transaction goes smooth, it does-not matter whether you have acquired a general or village land, but the process of getting one is cumbersome.

Our Guest in today’s episode is Advocate Victor Lyson Mwakimi, Currently a managing Partner at Lyson Law Group, specialising in Corporate and Commercial Transaction, Conveyancing and Litigation. He is  also a founding Member of Sheria Poa. Advocate Victor, before he became a partner at LLG, he has worked with Gabriel Attorneys, Trustworth Attorneys his area of expertise  being conveyancing, and  has done several conveyancing transaction and he is one of the best conveyancing Lawyers in Tanzania. In this episode he will be discussing with us, on how can someone acquire land and what mistakes people make and what should someone avoid during this land acquisition process. 


Hosted by Emmanuel Gashi Bakilana and Privaty Rugambwa;


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